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How many guests can you host at the Canmore Nordic Centre
We can host weddings receptions up to 80 guests in our banquet room.  For ceremonies, the Banquet Room can comfortable fit 100, Tree Island 100 guests, Cross Country Stadium 150 guests, Bow Valley Vista 150 guests.  If you have a larger guest count please contact us and we can look at alternative options.
Do you have a minimum spend?

We do not have a minimum spend for weddings hosted in 2020.

For 2021 our minimum spend is $7000 for weddings hosted on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or statutory holidays.  For weddings on a Monday to Thursday, the minimum spend is $5000.  


Please note that unlike other venues, the minimum spend can be reached by including; the venue rental package, indoor or outdoor ceremony package, all food and beverage (incl guest bar spend) and additional extras.


Are we required to use Cornerstone for our catering?
  • All food must be catered by Cornerstone Catering
Can we have a food tasting?
  • Of course. We believe you should sample our delicious food before your special day. We offer complimentary food tastings approximately 3 – 5 months prior to your wedding.
Do you have a cake cutting fee?
  • We do not charge to cut and serve your wedding cake to our buffet.
Can we bring in our own alcohol?
No, all alcohol must be purchased through Cornerstone as we hold the AGLC licence for the entire premises. If there is something in particular you would like at your wedding please let us know.

We can serve from 10am until 1am

What bar options are available?
  • We can offer an open, cash, toonie, or ticketed bar to help work within your budget.
Can you help us to estimate our bar cost?
  • Unfortunately, this is a difficult cost to estimate as there are so many factors to consider. However, we are happy to offer our experience on past weddings with you at your food tasting and planning meeting which is three months prior to your wedding day.  Please take a look at our blog for further information
Who sets up the room and décor?
We do. We encourage you to bring in your own centrepieces, table numbers, seating chart, guestbook, and decorations for the pre-function room. We will set this up for you and tear it down at the end of the evening so it will be ready for you to collect the next day.
Can I bring in extra décor?
  • We want you to have the wedding of your dreams. So long as the extra decor is not damaging to the building there is flexibility. However, if you do have extra decor our policy is to ask us before purchasing anything as we do have the right to refuse.
  • If you have firm decor ideas please discuss these with us prior to booking your wedding date.
Do you allow candles, fireworks or sparklers?
  • Due to fire regulations only candles with a contained flame (for example, inside a mason jar) are allowed. Fireworks and sparklers are not allowed.
Do you have partnerships with any local accommodation?
  • We can provide you with email addresses of the Sales Managers for some of the local condos and hotels within walking distance of the theatre. They would love to be able to assist you with your room blocks.
Do you have suggested vendors for flowers, photography and music?
  • We do have regular local vendors that many of our wedding couples have worked with in the past. You can find details of these at the back of our Wedding Brochures.
What happens if I book my Outdoor Ceremony and it is raining?
If you book your Outdoor Ceremony and Reception Cornerstone Catering, we will automatically reserve the Banquet Room as a back-up for an Indoor Ceremony.

We still ask that you provide us with notice (the day before your wedding day) as to where you will host your ceremony so we can organize our staffing and you can inform your guests.

What if I want to book my wedding reception more than 12 months in advance?
You may book your ceremony and reception before 12 months, however it will not be confirmed until the 12 month date as the Canmore Nordic Centre will give a sporting event priority.  For more details, please contact our Wedding Coordinator.
How much does it cost to rent a site for a ceremony?
All three sites have a flat rate fee of $500 for 3 hours.
Can we rent our ceremony chairs from Cornerstone Wedding?
Yes. Cornerstone’s Outdoor Ceremony Package includes chair rental set up and tear down. For more information on our Ceremony Packages please see our Ceremony Brochure.
Are there any other costs to move our outdoor ceremony inside?
If you have already purchased the Outdoor Ceremony Package there is no additional cost. We will set up and tear down the room for your indoor ceremony.

If you have not purchased the Outdoor Ceremony Package but you decide you would like an indoor ceremony it is recommended that you purchase the Indoor Ceremony Package otherwise it is your responsibility to organize the furniture before and after the ceremony has taken place.

Can I book a ceremony rehearsal the day prior?
If you would like to book the ceremony location the day prior for a rehearsal it is subject to charges and availability.
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