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How many guests can Cornerstone Theatre host?
We can host wedding receptions and ceremonies for up to 200 guests.

For outdoor ceremonies we have 200 white folding chairs.

Do you have a minimum spend?
  • For 2020, please see the table below.
  • Weddings held on any statutory holiday or December 31st incur a minimum spend of $21,000.
  • Day

    1st-Jan-31st March 1st April-31st Oct 1st Nov-30th Dec


    $19,000 $21,000



    $7,000 $19,000


    Sunday $7,000 $19000


    Mon-Thurs $7,000 $12000


  • For 2021, please see the table below. 
  • Weddings held on any statutory holiday or December 31st incur a minimum spend of $21,000.
  • Day

    1st-Jan-31st March 1st April-31st Oct 1st Nov-30th Dec


    $19,000 $21,000 $19,000


    $10,000 $19,000


    Sunday $10,000 $19,000


    Mon-Thurs $10,000 $12,000


Are we required to use Cornerstone's catering?
  • All food must be catered by Cornerstone Theatre.
Can we have a food tasting?
  • Of course. We believe you should sample our delicious food before your special day. We offer complimentary food tastings approximately 3 – 5 months prior to your wedding.
Do you have a cake cutting fee?
  • We do not charge to cut and serve your wedding cake to our buffet. Charges will apply for cakes to be plated and served to tables.
Can we bring in our own alcohol?
  • All alcohol must be purchased by Cornerstone Theatre.
  • As a licensed premise, all alcohol must be purchased by Cornerstone Theatre in order to comply with AGLC rules and regulations.
  • Our license allows us to serve alcohol from 10 a.m. until 2 a.m.
What bar options are available?
  • We can offer an open, cash or toonie bar to help work within your budget.
Can you help us to estimate our bar cost?
  • Unfortunately, this is a difficult cost to estimate as there are so many factors to consider. However, we are happy to offer our experience on past weddings with you at your food tasting and planning meeting which is three months prior to your wedding day.  Take a look at our blog for more information Wedding Bar Bill Top Tips
Who sets up the décor?
  • We do! We encourage you to bring in your own centerpieces, table numbers, seating chart, guest book and decorations for our fireplace. We will set this up for you and tear it down at the end of the evening. It will be ready for pick up the following morning.
Can I bring in extra décor?

We want you to have the wedding of your dreams. We find that the décor we can supply along with your centrepieces and lobby decorations is usually sufficient for you to personalize the room and create the ambiance you want. However, if you do have extra décor in mind, please ask us before purchasing anything.  We have the right to refuse certain materials and flammable decor.

  • We do not allow extra lighting, (twinkle lights, chandeliers, etc.), lanterns or decor to be hung from our ceiling or affixed to our walls. We also do not allow you to bring in chairs. If you have firm décor ideas, please discuss these with us prior to booking your wedding date.
Do you allow candles, fireworks or sparklers?
  • Due to fire regulations open flames (candles, fire pits, etc), fireworks and sparklers are not allowed at the theatre. However, you can have candles if they are enclosed in a votive that contains the flame and the wax.
Can we have our ceremony at Cornerstone Theatre too?
  • We would love for you to have your ceremony with us, although this is not mandatory.  Please take a look at our Ceremony Web Page or Brochure for further details.  Please note we require 3 hours from the end of your ceremony prior to opening the doors for your reception.
Can I have a ceremony rehearsal at the theatre?
  • Ceremony rehearsals can be booked providing we do not have an event the day prior to your wedding day. During the summer months, it is unlikely that we will have availability.
Do you have partnerships with any local accommodation?
  • We can provide you with email addresses of the Sales Managers for some of the local condos and hotels within walking distance of the theatre. They would love to be able to assist you with your room blocks.
Do you have suggested vendors for accommodation, flowers and cakes?
  • We do have regular local vendors that many of our wedding couples have worked with in the past. Please see our Local Wedding Service Supplier page for more details.
What does a typical wedding timeline look like?

   While every special day will vary slightly from couple to couple (within reason), a typical rundown may look like:

Guest Arrivals: 12:30 pm

Ceremony: 1 pm

Ceremony Completion: 1:30 pm-1:45 pm

Break between wedding and reception. Photos for wedding party taken during this time.


Reception doors open: 5 pm (cocktail hour)

Dinner: 6 pm

Speeches: 7:30 pm (ideally you’ll want them to be fairly concise and last no longer than 30 minutes)

First dance/Family Dances: 8:15-8:35 pm

Party starts: 9 pm

How soon should I book my Wedding Officiant?

Plan to book your officiant early, especially if you’re getting married during peak season. If you are bringing your own officiant with you, make sure all accommodations are made well in advance.

How long is the average wedding ceremony?

Ceremonies will vary from couple to couple and depend on a wide variety of factors, but typically last between 20-30 minutes.

When should I book my accommodation?

As soon as possible! Canmore is a bustling town and accommodation can fill up quickly. 

Will there be another event scheduled on the day of my wedding?

This depends on your location:

At The Cornerstone Theatre, we limit ceremonies to one per day.

At the Canmore Nordic Centre, you will be the only event hosted by Cornerstone Weddings at the venue. However, other areas of the park are available to be booked by outside parties during the same day. We will also be open and honest with whatever is currently booked on the calendar when you enquire.

Can we take home extra food/leftover food from the buffet?

For health and safety reasons, we cannot allow leftovers to be taken off the premises.

Where is the Canmore Ranch located?

The Canmore Ranch is located less than 5 minutes drive from Cornerstone Theatre. It is off the Bow Valley Trail and is not visible from the main road. Our staff are happy to provide directions as needed.

What time do I have to come and pick up my décor the next day?

11 am is the usual standard, however if you require later pickup we request that you inform our team so we can make arrangements that do not disturb another wedding.

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