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Teambuilding with Cornerstone

Team building is one of the most widely used group development activities in organizations. It has many benefits including boosting morale, improving overall team performance and building and establishing effective working relationships.

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All Teambuilding events include:

  • Venue rental
  • Welcome glass of prosecco
  • Teambuilding activity
  • 2 glasses of house wine with dinner
  • Dinner Option 1 (see corporate menu for details)
  • GST

Chef of Steel

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Teams compete against each other for the title of Chef of Steel.  Each team (up to 7 members) creates a Chili dish with basic ingredients provided at the beginning of the challenge.  Teams have the ability to earn ‘cash’ to purchase extra ingredients from the Chili Challenge Store to increase their chance of cooking the winning dish.

Teams must not only create the most appetizing Chili, they must also sell their dish to our panel of judges to become the Chef of Steel.


  • Chef of Steel meal is a Mexican style menu along with the prepared chili.  The welcome drink is a margarita and on the table we provide sangria instead of house wine.
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Win It In A Minute

Based on the popular game show ‘Minute to Win It’ teams must compete against each other in a variety of fun, interactive games aimed at communication, working as a team, and good old competition. Unfortunately the winners gain notoriety rather than $1million. Timeframe can be from 15 minutes to 2 hours.


Baby Rattle

Each team chooses one member to face the challenge.  Sixty seconds are on the clock.  Each team member is given a giant rattle filled with gum balls.  Team members must place their soother in their mouth and grab their rattle with one hand. At the sound of the horn, players must turn over their rattle and start shaking up and down to get all gumballs to the bottom of the rattle  The first player to do so wins the challenge for their team.

Tea Party

Each team chooses one member to face the challenge.  Sixty seconds are on the clock.  Challengers must place their tea pot caps securely on their heads.  At the sound of the buzzer challengers must flip both of their tea bags so they land on top of the brim of their cap by using movement of their head and body.  The first player to successfully complete the task wins the challenge for their team.


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Save Your Pilot

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Your team has launched a space craft and successfully landed on the moon – congratulations!

However your spacecraft is stuck on the moon and now your pilot needs to get back to earth.

Your mission is to design a craft that will protect your ‘Pilot’ (egg) when dropped from 10 feet above the ground. Choose your Team Captain who will not only lead you to success but will also sell your product to the panel of judges.

Basic craft building supplies will be available along with the ability to purchase items from the Save the Pilot Store to help increase your chance of a safe and successful landing.

The winner must launch a successful craft and sell their product to the panel of judges.



  • Chef of steel
  • $118.00 per person
  • 30-100 delegates
  • Win it in a minute
  • $125.00 per person
  • 30-100 delegates
  • Save your pilot
  • $99.00 per person
  • 30-100 delegates

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